Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day

We went to the Pioneer Day parade in St. Anthony (known to the locals as St. Agony) and had lots of fun. Tryson was visiting for the week, so he got to come with us. As you can see, nothing holds Orrin back - not even broken bones!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Okay - since I've now completed all my final exams/homework and other stuff, I thought I'd take some pictures of our first ever garden! My intent was to use them as a wall-paper on my computer at work, but then I figured you all might like them too, so I saved them in different aspect ratios. Feel free to download the ones that fit your monitor!

Dual Screen:



Finals Week

Wow - this week has been crazy busy. First we got a virus - actually a worm - on our network. We discovered it at about 4 on Wednesday afternoon and it took us until 4 am to patch and repair our critical servers. Came back in at regular time on Thursday - worked until 9 pm getting most of our network repaired. Once again, regular time on Friday - worked until 2 am that night trying to finish things up.

Now, this week is finals week for me. I just finished my last exam (got a 70%) which gives me a B in the class. The other class I have a project or two that needs finished. That class is a little harder to judge my grade - but I think I'll bet a B-. That keeps my overall GPA still at about 3.3 - which I don't think is too bad considering I work full time, school part time and (of course) family full time.

Which kind of brings me to my reason for blogging. I had to create a security awareness poster for my Systems Security class. Had to use all original art work, and I came across this picture of Orrin which I though was great so I turned it into my poster. Here it is:

Also (as many of you already know) Orrin broke his leg last Saturday. He decided he wanted to jump on the big kid's trampoline with Hunter. Hunter (whether on accident or on purpose we may never know) gave Orrin his bounce. This fractured little Orrin's leg at the top of the fibia and possibly at the bottom or in the ankle itself as well so the doctor put him in a full leg cast. Of course - Orrin is a tough little guy, so this kept him down for about 2 days and then he was up running around again. He was even riding his bike (he sticks his cast out to the side), attempted to ride his skateboard and is asking to jump on the trampoline again. This won't happen for about another 2 months. Anyway, we don't have any pictures of the cast yet - but I'll try and remember to post when we do.