Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wanna Wrestle?

Mason and Brayden decided that they wanted to be tough like their uncles, so we signed them up for wrestling! Actually, I'm not sure where they got the idea - but they really, really wanted to do it, so we signed them up. We've been to 4 practices now and had our first match on Saturday. All the kids were split up into categories of 3 kids each, that way they could all get a medal (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Brayden didn't win any of his matches - though the first one was close. He didn't realize he couldn't rest for a second while on his back - and by the time he got his breath again and was ready to flip the kid over and keep going - well, he was pinned. The second match he did better, he went all 3 rounds, but in the end got beat by points. The third kid though was a real tough kid. You could tell his dad knew what he was doing and practiced every day. About 1/2 way through the first round Brayden was crying and we had to coax him with McDonalds to even finish. It'll be interesting to see if he wants to go back for practice.

Mason had 3 rounds as well. His first round was with a girl and he didn't really know what to think about it. In fact - the entire first round they just circled each other and neither of them would shoot and take the other down. By the third round though, he was into it! They tied for points and had a fourth round, where the first one to score would win the match. Mason was taken down, but his back didn't touch, so it didn't count as points. With some instruction from the coach, he grabbed her ankle, put her on her back and won the match. The second round he had a buy - which means he sat out for the round. The third round was the interesting one though. They didn't have enough kids in Mason's weight range, so they pulled an older kid - but same weight - to wrestle. The kid had him pinned in about 20 seconds. Mason didn't even know what hit him. He tried though - and that's the part that counts. The ironic thing is who the other kid was. Trace or Taylor or something Batton. That's right - Ray's kid. A little weird - but what do you do? Anyway, they had fun and that's what counts.

Incidently, it should be noted that only the top 2 pictures are actually of matches - the other pictures are simply Mason and Brayden practicing with their friends.


OUR CLAN said...

That is so totally awesome!!!!! More wrestlers in the family!! Tell your boys way to go and keep up the good work because aunt Amber wants to hear more about it!! Taylor started practice this week. It will be interesting to see how he does this year. Gets harder the longer you wrestle, because the other kids get more experience too.

OUR CLAN said...

oh yea, did he realize who you were?

Gifford Family said...

Yes - he realizes who I am. We've run into each other at the store a time or two as well.

OUR CLAN said...

I showed this to the kids this morning. Taylors says "see what I started, I'm such a stud." I had to remind him that he is not the uncle. It was really funny!! But he still thinks he "has something to do with it"