Friday, November 26, 2010

Busy Week

Man! It has been a busy week!

First, Mom and the girls came up for "Girls' Weekend" and the craft fair on Saturday. We had a lot of fun, played some silly karaoke game, and ate some good food. The craft fair itself I thought was a bit lacking and generally disappointing, but it was fun to spend time with family.

Next, Tinkerbell had her puppies! She had 7 puppies on Saturday (during the craft fair), but then some complications and there was a still birth on Monday. We took her to the vet and he had to take her uterus. Sad day. She's been on medicine ever since and we're having to feed the puppies once a day to supplement until she's feeling better and producing more milk.

Then, on Tuesday, Jamie had surgery on her nose and had her gallbladder taken out. She's of course been very miserable... It's day 3, her worse day so far, but it's often the worst day for nose surgeries. Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow.

We had what the experts are calling the worst storm in 20 years from Friday thru Tuesday, and we got a total of about a foot of snow here in Rexburg. Temperatures dropped after that (with a high of 5 on Wednesday) and it's been cold ever since. Way too early for this kind of winter weather. If it were January or February I wouldn't murmur so much, but it's November!

On Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving without a mother to prepare the food. Carrie didn't want to touch the nasty turkey and deal with the innards, so we struck up a deal. I (Josh) did the turkey and she did the rest. Of course, I did do a couple of pies. And by "did" I mean buy. But everything turned out great, and nobody complained about the food, so I think it was a success. Even if they didn't eat as much as when Jamie cooks it all. It was so cold though (-7 when we woke up) so we had to break tradition and didn't get to go shooting in the morning. Oh well. There's always next year.

And finally, Carrie just got her mission call! Oh happy day! I'm not at liberty to tell you where she's going, but make sure and give her a call for the details...

PS - I just realized I have been so busy that I haven't taken any pictures of these events! Stay tuned - I'll take some and then do a new post in a couple of days.


mindola said...

nice update. i have pictures of you doing the ipod karaoke if you want ot post those? :)

OUR CLAN said...

nice to "see" what you've been up to. Hope Jamie feels better very soon bc that doesn't sound fun at all. Sorry to hear about tink. Poor puppy. I bet her little ones are soooo cute though. I would totally want one too if I saw them.(not that I have room) Well, hope to see you guys in Jan! Love you man!

OUR CLAN said...

Awhhhh. . . .those puppies are soooo cuuutttteeeee!!!!!!! Makes me want one.